Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Story From My Mom

Sorry I've been away so long, but I just got too busy. I will need to learn to budget my time to include this new technological aspect of my life.

Every Sunday, I call my 89 year old mom. We talk about everything from her day to day activities, to the Packers to her take on politics. We also spend a lot of the time reminiscing. Last week she reminded me of a story I thought I'd share with you.

When I was in Third Grade, I would get out of my wheelchair at recess and play football with my friends. At that age, I was pretty good, too! I was low to the ground and stronger than most of the other kids, so I was usually one of the first picks. One day the Principal stopped me and told me I couldn't play anymore because I might get hurt. I went home and told my Mom and Dad. A few days later, I was back making tackles like a two foot tall Ray Nitschke. Turns out that my mom went to the school and talked to the principal. When he told her he was just worried that I might get hurt, she pointed out that anyone can get hurt playing football and that if I wasn't allowed to play then no one should. I think what might have finally changed his mind was when my mom pointed out that if I did get hurt it wouldn't be that big a deal since I already used a wheelchair. He probably thought she was crazy! I completely understand her thinking. Why should I not do something I love because of what "might" happen. This is a lesson I learned early in life and continue to carry with me today.