Friday, March 11, 2011

My Rant!!!

Will people ever realize that the whole..." My taxes pay your salary" argument is a red herring that the richest people in America have used to pit us against each other? The truth of the matter is that we all pay taxes for services that society has decided are the responsibility of Government. When I applied for this job, it was open to anyone who met the qualifications.

In reality, we all pay each other's salary. Go to any store and buy anything. Part of that purchase went to pay the employees in that store. Buy a just paid part of the salesperson's salary. So when I take part of my salary and pay my rent, or buy a loaf of bread, or take a trip I am paying part of someone's salary too!

We are paying Almost $4.00 for a gallon of gas. Part of that goes to pay a Billionaire's Salary. Why do we not turn our anger towards that injustice? Have we been brainwashed to the point that we don't see where the real blame should be laid?

So, please...I beg of you, drop the "I pay your salary" argument from your list!